Metro Shield Construction Slurry Separation Station

In recent years, with the rapid progress of national urbanization, the construction projects of subways, large-scale water conservancy projects, and underground pipe corridors have developed vigorously. Shield construction technology and underground diaphragm wall construction technology have been widely used. Slurry will be generated during the construction of the above-mentioned projects. The slurry treatment plan mainly adopts two modes of “outbound” and “simple separation”, neither of which can meet the national requirements for environmental protection and clean construction and engineering energy-saving requirements. At present, KOSUN can provide large-scale Slurry Separation Station that meet the shield.

Slurry Separation Station
Slurry Separation Station

Slurry Separation Station is a special equipment for processing the mud and dregs generated by the tunneling of the shield machine during the construction of the subway shield. It is a necessary equipment for the mud-water balance tunneling equipment. The design and matching of the Slurry Separation Station is mainly determined according to the mud pump flow rate of the shield machine. Since the Slurry Separation Station is a modular design, it can be combined to build a mud station according to the different mud flow rates generated by each project.

KOSUN environmental Slurry Separation Station is mainly used in municipal projects, such as river dredging, underground pipe corridors, black and odorous water treatment, urban subway construction, etc., as well as large infrastructure projects such as water conservancy and hydropower projects, urban rail and high-speed rail tunnel projects, Undersea tunnel engineering, etc.

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