Rotary Drilling Rigs Mud System Good Performance by Kosun

Rotary Drilling Rigs Mud System

Solid control systems owe their efficiency to the overall performance of the components that will be in the mud separation system. To control the subsurface pressure, to lubricate the drill bit, to stabilise the wellbore, these are all functions of drilling mud including other purposes in a
mud separation system.

Rotary drilling rigs mud system can also be used in different industries for different purposes.The main separation equipment on a mud separation unit are the shale shaker, mud cleaner, the desander, the desilter as well as the decanter centrifuges. They are however available across different sizes and applications but they do maintain the same principle of liquids and mud separation.

Rotary Drilling Rigs Mud System
Rotary Drilling Rigs Mud System

Two options of shale shakers are used on a mud separation system. There are primary shakers and secondary shakers, primary shakers make use of coarse screens so as to take our larger cuttings while the secondary shakers consists of fine mesh screens and this enables it to get rid of the finest particles.

There is additional separation that is done on a mud separation unit, this is done so that the finest particles can be totally removed from the system. . The mechanical equipment that is used at this stage is inclusive of hydrocyclone desanders and desilters, mud cleaners and rotary bowl decanting centrifuges .

A liquid mud plant has different types of tanks that are useful for storage and mixing the drilling mud, the dredge slurry dewatering system is used for dredging slurry treatment to remove solids and discharge can water on a mud separation unit.

Solid removal units are usually functional for diamond core drilling in the mining industries and they are used to recycle drilling fluids and water. There are also mud separation systems that are used of oil and gas. The oil and gas drilling solids control system makes it possible for the reuse of drilling fluids that would have come from oil and gas drilling.

Soilmec Mud System of Kosun

Soilmec Mud System

Soilmec Mud System on an oilfield is quite a complex  system, it requires so many pieces of equipment to ensure that it is done effectively, safely, in a clean manner and also that extraction is well executed.

There are various components involved in Soilmec Mud System on an oilfield however below are the ones that are the most important as they reduce costs, accidents and they generally have a bette impact on the environment.

Soilmec Mud System
Soilmec Mud System

A shale shaker is one of the most vital equipments on an oilfield for the purposes of mud separation, they help separate the cuttings (large solids) from the mud (drilling fluids). After the mud separation, shale shakers are also used to ensure that the drill bit is cool, the fluids from this process can be used multiple times. Getting the mud separation done before disposing the cuttings helps reduce the costs of drilling as well as the environmental impact.

Oilfield mud separations is also efficient when there is a Degasser in play. They are used to remove substances such as methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide as well as various other gases, this helps with the safety on oilfield rigs as the rates of explosion will be significantly lower. Another tool the is efficient for mud separation on oilfield rigs is the Mud Cleaner, it is a mesh that has very tiny holes that stops solids from entering into the mud, this is because mud has to be very clean before it reaches the drill.

Sand Pumps and Stabbing guides are also the most important tools for Soilmec Mud System. Sand pumps deal with the moving of deposits from the drilling sites, they are usually placed in oil and fluid tanks that will be filled with sand.

Stabbing guides are used to align pins to box threads so as to ensure that the connection is accurate and damage free, they also help with corrosion, protect against impact and extreme temperatures. So the Shale shaker, Degasser, Mud Cleaner , Sand Pumps and the Stabbing Guides are the most important tools for mud separation.