Advantages of KOSUN pipeline dredging equipment and system

KOSUN pipeline dredging equipment and system has the following advantages:

1. Adequate purification of mud, control of mud index, sticking accidents, and hole making.

2. Effectively separate the soil ballast, make holes, and shorten the cleaning time.

3. Mud recycling, saving slurry materials and construction costs.

4. Closed mud circulation and lower ballast water content, pollution, and outbound transportation costs.

The mud cleaner based on the cyclone separation technology and the secondary shaker technology is the main equipment to realize the pipeline dredging equipment and system technology. Mud cleaner is also called mud purification device or mud desander.

The pipeline dredging equipment and system is produced under the premise of saving labor time, labor cost and water resources. It is mainly used for urban construction and the recycling and reuse of dredging mud from rivers, lakes and seas, which can achieve faster and better urban construction efficiency. It is an environmentally friendly product. The overall efficiency is improved, and it is the current choice for urban construction and dredging mud recovery treatment.

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