KOSUN Skid-mounted Oil-based Mud Treatment system

KOSUN can produce 350HP, 450HP, 550HP, 650HP, 750HP mud circulation system and 1000HP, 1500HP, 2000HP land skid-mounted drilling rig mud circulation system. KOSUN skid-mounted oil-based mud treatment system consists of solid control equipment such as linear shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander, desilter, horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge and mud tank. Its functional components are integrated in an integral base, and production and assembly are completed in the factory. It has the advantages of convenient installation, easy migration, and small footprint.

oil-based mud treatment system
oil-based mud treatment system

Drilling from the surface to the completion of the drilling can be roughly divided into three layers, namely the surface soil layer, sand layer and rock layer. Therefore, there are water, mud, sand, rock salt, and barite powder and oil for blowout prevention in the drilling circulating mud. That is to say, the circulating mud fluid contains mud in the early stage, sand in the middle stage, and rock salt and barite powder and oil in the later stage. If drilling in an oilfield or water injection area, the mud fluid will contain various injection agents due to the mixing of interlayer water injection fluid. Therefore, it is very necessary to use drilling mud fluid without landing environmental protection treatment equipment. Drilling circulating mud fluid will pollute soil and water quality, affect the growth of animals and plants, and endanger human health.

The land-based skid-mounted oil-based mud treatment system for oil and gas fields manufactured by KOSUN adopts a multi-functional design, so that the entire solids control system can meet the requirements of different well depths and various drilling muds. Each treatment device can operate independently, It can also be operated jointly to make the oil-based drilling mud meet the safety discharge standard after treatment, realize the mud treated at different stages of drilling and realize the purpose of saving land, saving energy and reducing consumption, and improving efficiency.

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