There are two main methods of engineering construction mud purification

There are two main methods of engineering construction mud purification: sedimentation tank and mechanical equipment. The current mainstream mud-water construction has abandoned the use of large natural settling tanks and switched to a combination of vibrating screen and cyclone equipment for construction. The KD series mud water treatment unit manufactured by our company is mainly used to purify mud, complete mud recovery and solid slag treatment.

During the drilling process of the mud, due to the continuous entry of drilling slag into the mud, the specific gravity, viscosity and sand content of the mud change, which cannot meet the requirements of mud performance, and must be treated or purified, mainly by solid-liquid Separation, the drilling slag in the mud is separated and discharged and then recycled.

Mud-water balance shield mud-water separation According to the difference in the structure of the mud-water tank and the control method of the mud pressure, the mud-water shield is divided into: direct control type and indirect control type.

Similar slurries are also used in diaphragm wall operations (dual milling) and cast-in-place piles (rotary drilling and punching equipment).

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