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Desander Systems

Desander Systems series of desander cleaner is the treatment of drilling mud secondary control equipment. The DS series desander cleaner is a two-stage solid control device for drilling mud.

Commonly used cyclone diameter of 12 “and 10”, for the separation of drilling mud particle size of 47 ~ 76μm solid particles.

It is used to separate the solid particles in the drilling mud with particle size of 47 ~ 76μm. Application areas: large oil rig supporting, supporting large-scale non-excavation rigs, shield engineering support, river dredging works, etc.


Desander Systems
Desander Systems

Desander Cleaner Features:

1.Separation of drilling mud in the particle size of 47 ~ 76μm solid particles.

2.Compact structure, small footprint space.

3.the number of custom cyclone and material to choose from; its material can be used polyurethane, high chromium cast iron or ceramic wear materials.

4.Thick Steel Plate, the Perfect Hydraulic System
The equipment tank with 8mm thick steel plate, integrated in the tank inside the advanced water sand separation system. Base with 20mm thick steel plate, durable. Switch base with manual hydraulic system, and with safety bolts, so that the base switch and seal becomes simple, safe and convenient.

5. Dynamic and Stable
Equipment using advanced pneumatic diaphragm pump, driven by high-pressure gas, resulting in a steady stream of high-pressure water for the rapid demolition of sand to provide a strong driving force.

6. Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation
The whole debris removal process does not damage the water in the tank, will not cause water waste.

7. Mobile and Flexible
The device is equipped with a forklift fork for the use of the ear block, easy to move, a sand removal equipment can be used for multiple water knives.

Desander Systems from Brand Kosun Manufacturer with more than 20 years experience and is well recognized by clients all over the world.

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