Piling desander/desander for Piling

Piling desander/desander for Piling is the best solution of Mud sludge treatment in Bored Pile Construction.

Piling desander
Piling desander

How to process slurry of bored pile construction? This is a difficult problem in the construction of bored piles. The conventional mud treatment solution of bored pile is in the process of drilling,  using shaker screen to separate and filter the small gravel, sand and other solid particles from the mud. Then the mud is discharged to the sink and precipitated fully. The sediment is carried to the evaporating pool by  the excavator. Until the natural dehydration solidifies, the sediment is transported to the storage yard. This slurry treatment methods is feasible for small pile foundation. If there is a large quantity of pile base and the amount of mud,it is not applicable.

How to process slurry of bored pile construction?  There are two solutions:1. The mud is pumped into the tanker and then is delivered to the designated place. The mud need to cover a large area, so the cost is very high. 2. First, the mud is dewatering by the mud and water dewatering equipment  Piling desander/desander for Piling , the water can be used again and the mud can be carried to make bricks.

KOSUN recommend the second pile mud treatment solution. Using special mud and water separation equipment  Piling desander/desander for Piling to solve the problem of large quantity of pile foundation and huge amount of mud.

KOSUN Piling desander/desander for Piling working principle:

The Piling desander/desander for Piling used of vibrating screen and cyclone desander sieve filtration principle, under the action of vibration force at high speed, large size sludge were filtered, and the clean water separated from sludge back to the mud recovery tank, the waste slurry will be discharge d form shaker and transported by the loading vehicle , the filtered water will be reuse again.