Rotary Drilling Rigs Mud System by Kosun Manufacturer

Rotary Drilling Rigs Mud System

Rotary drilling rigs mud system transmit rotation to the drillingstring  and consequently rotate the bit. During drilling operation, this rotation is to the right.

Rotary drilling rigs mud management system main tasks are to create rotation of the drillstring and facilities to advance and lift the drillstring as well as casings and special equiptment into and out of the hole drilled.

Rotary Drilling Rigs Mud System
Rotary Drilling Rigs Mud System

Principle of Process
Rotary drilling into the hole process and other pile foundation, rotary drilling rig drilling technology Rotary drilling rig with static mud wall drilling bucket soil technology (of course, there are dry soil directly to the soil process, depending on the site site conditions may be) , Is a non-rinse medium circulation drilling method, but when drilling to protect the hole wall stability, the hole to fill the high-quality mud (stabilizer).
Rotary drilling rig work in place for the overall rotation movement. When the drilling rig is drilled, the drill pipe and the drill bit are cut into the soil by the weight of the drill pipe and the drill bit. The oblique bucket teeth are cut into the bucket during the rotation of the bucket to complete the drilling of the soil.

In the case of hard soil, So that the bucket teeth cut into the soil, this time through the pressure cylinder on the drill pipe pressure, forcibly cut the bucket teeth into the soil, to complete the drilling soil.

After the bucket is filled with soil, the crane bucket and the bucket are lifted to the ground, and the switch on the bucket is opened. The bottom of the bucket is automatically discharged by gravity.

Drill pipe down the door off the door, and then turn to the hole for the next bucket of mining. Rotary drilling rigs are mobile, flexible, and can be quickly displaced or moved to the next post. Steel cage processing, hanging, post-grouting technology with other pile construction.

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