Pipe jacking construction slurry treatment plant

KOSUN Pipe jacking construction slurry treatment plant is suitable for purifying slurry in tunneling, micro-tunneling, pipe-jacking, bored piles construction, piling construction and diaphragm wall construction, etc. KOSUN has demonstrated its high-performance capabilities at many job sites worldwide.

Pipe jacking construction slurry treatment plant
Pipe jacking construction slurry treatment plant

KOSUN Slurry Treatment Plant Features:

(1) Simple and useful treatment process, as well as convenient installation, operation and maintenance;

(2) Modular and integrated design, transportation and installation subject to standard container size, foldable operating platform, compact structure, small footprint and flexible field use;

(3) Adjustable G-force of shale shaker, screen panel angle and mesh size, strong overall system adaptability and easier treatment of materials from various formations;

(4) Meet separation requirements on various materials and customize process as per the cut point of D 50 ; meet the requirements on different handling capacities, 100~3000m³/h;

(5) Meet various power specifications as per construction needs, and even generator set can be used for operation;

(6) The whole system is skid-mounted integrated system and can be also changed into vehicle-mounted mobile treatment units.

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