Pile Foundation Mud Management Equipment Manufacturer

At present, there are many manufacturers to product Pile Foundation Mud Management Equipment and slurry separation equipment in the domestic, but the municipal area Pile Foundation Mud Management Equipment manufacturers are less. KOSUN is one of a well-known companies who product slurry separation system.

Pile Foundation Mud Management
Pile Foundation Mud Management

Urban construction piling is the basis of municipal construction, Pile Foundation Mud is not allowed to discharge before treated. Otherwise, the harmful substances in the waste slurry will pollute the urban surface soil environment, that will seriously pollute urban water. The traditional method of Pile Foundation Mud Management is to discharge the mud into the mud pool or exposed to a designated area by drying, these treated methods, although are more economical, but the pollution problem is not completely resolved. Now a new generation mud management equipment used more and more widely in the municipal engineering. Pile Foundation Mud and Slurry separation system equipment was born, specifically for the municipal engineering mud treatment programs.

In the field of municipal mud treatment and separation, KOSUN can design Series mud separation system to support different pile machine. Mud separation system is mainly consists of scalping shaker module,desanding module and desilting module.

mud management equipment
mud management equipment

Advantages Of KD SERIES mud separation system:

-Simple and useful treatment process, as well as convenient installation, operation and maintenance;

-Modular and integrated design, transportation and installation subject to standard container size, foldable operating platform, compact structure, small footprint and flexible field use;

-Adjustable G-force of shale shaker, screen panel angle and mesh size, strong overall system adaptability and easier treatment of materials from various formations;

-Meet separation requirements on various materials and customize process as per the cut point of D 50 ; meet the requirements on different handling capacities, 100~3000m³/h;

-Meet various power specifications as per construction needs, and even generator set can be used for operation;

-The whole system is skid-mounted integrated system and can be also changed into vehicle-mounted mobile treatment unit. (Editor:Kosun Lily.Wang)

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