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Mine Tailings Treatment Plants

Mine Tailings Treatment Plants play a very important role in protecting environmental. Tailings can not be arbitrarily discarded, concentrator tailings treatment not only with environmental protection, rational use of resources related issues, but also related to legal issues.

Mine Tailings treatment methods:
1. We must first try to do a good job of useful components of tailings recycling, the use of advanced technology and reasonable process for re-election tailings, the maximum recovery of useful components in the tailings, so Can be further reduced the number of tailings.
2. Tailings for mining underground mining mined areas of the filling material, that is, water sand filling material or cemented filling of the tailings as a goaf filling material used, the best filling The process is full tailings filling process, but is still in the experimental research stage. In the production are used in the tailings of the coarse-grained part of the mined-out area of ​​the filler material. Section of the grading, the coarse sand part of the underground mined-out area, and the fine part of the pile into the tailings reservoir .This tailings treatment methods have been applied at home and abroad.

Mine Tailings Treatment Plants
Mine Tailings Treatment Plants

3. With tailings as building materials, raw materials: Production of cement, silicate tailings brick, tile, aerated concrete, cast stone, refractories, glass, ceramsite, concrete aggregate, glass-ceramic, slag tiles, foam glass and foam, etc.
4. Sand construction road, road surface material , Anti-skid materials, coastal fields, etc.
5. In the tailings accumulation field soil cultivation, planting crops or afforestation .
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