Microtunnelling Mud System of Kosun Manufaturer for Sale

Microtunnelling Mud System

The micro-tunneling system is a remote control method for driving concrete, steel and CTP pipes under the surface. The system is mainly used in major roads, railways, subway lines, airports and river access areas; open excavation risk areas. In these areas, drinking water, sewage, natural gas, connected tunnels and similar works can be carried out by our miniature tunneling machines with diameters between 800mm and 3000mm.

In the micro-piping system constructed by pipeline laying, micro-tunneling tunneling and impact equipment automatically promote the pipeline in the mining area. When the cutting head is pushed by the hydraulic thrust system, once there is enough space to push the other pipe, connect the new pipe; the thrust program continues. The micro-tunnel machine distributes the soil by cutting and grinding the drill bit, and then the system injects pressurized water to make the material a liquid slurry. The liquid slurry is absorbed by the discharge pump present in the system and is brought into a discharge tank placed on the surface.

Microtunnelling Mud System
Microtunnelling Mud System

The traditional miniature mining method usually relies on the use of lifting tubes as it will push thrust from the jacking station to the drill bit before entering the line. In this case, the pipe selection is only related to the ground conditions, since the method does not require the use of highly structured pipelines.

“The system is compatible with high strength and low strength products, including PVC, PVE, concrete, clay, steel wrapped, ductile iron and HDPE.”

This versatility provides customers with more product pipeline options based on existing ground conditions, cost, traditional preferences, and matching with existing infrastructure.

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