Customized Decanter Centrifuge for River Dredging

To meet the requirements of river dredging, KOSUN developed and equipped with customized decanter centrifuge. By this new technology, make the centrifuge adapt property changing of mud during the operation process, that makes the treatment more effective and perfect.( Customized Decanter Centrifuge for River Dredging)

Applications of customized decanter centrifuge for river dredging:

-River sediment disposal in cities and downtowns;

-Sediment disposal of urban landscape lakes and drinking water sources;

-Reservoir sediment disposal;

-River channel regulation and river sludge disposal technology.

Along with the economic development, people have higher requirements on living environment. There are numerous water environments in the polluted regions in China urgently needing to be remediated. Traditional dredging methods cannot meet the demands of people on environmental protection any longer, so the environmental dredge technology emerges at the right moment. In recent years, BRRD series Black Rhino environmental river dredging sludge treatment system, independently developed by KOSUN Environmental has been widely applied to environmental dredging field of rivers, lakes, reservoirs, etc. Moreover, we can customize the optimal integrated solution to river dredging sludge treatment system according to the field hydrogeological conditions.

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