The HDD mud and water separation system produced by xi ‘an KOSUN can separate solids from the mud.

Horizontal directional drilling solid phase control through mud is the principle and technical method of controlling solid particles in mud. Solid control technology is used to remove harmful solids from the mud, retain useful solid phase, and meet the requirements of mud properties in the crossing process.

Horizontal directional drilling technology is a trenchless technology used for laying pipelines and cables when it is difficult to dig or when the cost of excavation is high. It has obvious advantages when oil and gas pipelines cross obstacles and important areas such as rivers, lakes, traffic arteries and railway hubs.

The HDD mud and water separation system produced by xi ‘an KOSUN can separate solids from the mud, so as to realize the recycling of mud. In practice, the company constantly optimizes the system to meet the requirements of various geological environments and various sizes of processing capacity and treatment. Our company not only manufacture separation systems, but also can do related engineering services. Can be tailored to the actual address requirements of customers, meet the use requirements.

When selecting the horizontal directional drilling solid control system, the main principles are as follows:

1. Particle type and size to be removed or suppressed;

2. Quality of mud to be maintained;

3. Size of drilling rig capacity, solid phase clearance rate and cycle rate.

HDD Rig Separation Unit Lower Cost

HDD rig separation unit

HDD rig separation unit,refers to the mud recycling machines in the whole HDD rig system, and for the meaning of HDD, that’s can be easily know by search in Google, it’s the abbreviation form of Horizontal Directional Drilling,(also can be called directional boring),which are widely used in the complex ground or tunnel drilling works, telecommunications and power cable conduits, water lines, sewer lines, gas lines, oil lines, product pipelines, and environmental remediation casings.

Hdd rig separation unit
Hdd rig separation unit

And from the old time, people only dig holes and tunnels by hand tools, but when digging in special terrains such as under the lakes or with high humidity, there are more chances to encounter the dangers while drilling like collapse, water percolation and etc, so the modern technology make the HDD rig come into the light.

For the different technical advantages, the several main elite companies who can make the perfect HDD rig is just the following: 1, Herrenknecht AG, a German based group which mainly specialize in mechanized tunneling with 3,100+ projects in the world. 2, NORMAG, A Holland based company which mainly doing business with HDD & micro-tunneling. And for the HDD rig separation unit or HDD rig separation system manufacturers, Kosun is the one with longest manufacturing history – about 24 years with the main products starting from oilfield drilling mud separation system, and with the technology and experience, they’re expanding the servicing area from the traditional oil drilling to the HDD rig separation and make the good performance for the new try.

Even from the worldwide, the most valuable HDD rig separation unit manufacturer is hard to find, because the lower cost and high efficiency was not easy to perform best at same time. For the common company without full powered backup in budget, maybe the cheaper Separation unit for HDD rig from Kosun will be you good choice.